1998 - 2015
The restaurant awarded "Best Fish Restaurant on the Bosphorus"
Certificate of Excellence

About Us

Experienced restaurateur Ertuğrul Karabulut handed over Bay Balıkçı Restaurant in 1998 and joined forces with M. Ali Demirci to open Bebek Balıkçı at the place where Yeni Bebek Restaurant used to be. Since 1998 Bebek Balıkçı did not compromise from hygiene, service standards, food quality and customer satisfaction. The harmony of the old and the new strikes the eye with the magnificient sea view, 120 years old barrel-organ and unlimited wireless internet access. You can even witness fishers pulling their boats alongside pier of Bebek Balıkçı to sell fresh fish (that is live fish!).  
Beside the local celebrities you can come across world famous people such as Oliver Stone, Germany’s Minister for Foreign Affairs Herr Fischer or King of Bahrein, Al Gore former vice president of USA, Jan Claude Van Dame, Catharine Deneuve and Gerard Depardieu. 
Churchill china dinnerware, WMF cutlery sets, Schott Zwiesel durable glasses were renewed fully to ensure customer satisfaction. The bread is brought all the way from Bolu as organic production and served in our restaurant. One of our important feature is washing all vegetables and fruits with Environne organic washwater before serving them. 
Some of our specialties are: Cold Appetizers: eggplant salad with melisa souce, parsley salad, root of blessed thistle, spinach salad. Hot Appetizers: fried and grilled squid, fish balls, fried crabs, Other than fried and grilled fish there are poached fish and fish in curlpaper served in our restaurant. But our favorite is fish cooked in salt. Put the finishing touches to your meal with quince dessert, crumpets in thich syrup with cream, oven baked pumpkin in syrup or incomparable chocolate souffle.   
Our VIP meeting room is open for service. Feel the privilege by holding your special meetings at your special table with special tableware.  
The novelty in our restaurant is our wine cellar.