1998 - 2015
The restaurant awarded "Best Fish Restaurant on the Bosphorus"
Certificate of Excellence

Food Safety

Bebek Balıkçı maintains its food safety by receiving professional consultancy service. Our work in providing food safety is conducted by İyi Gıda Pearl led by food engineer İpek Ege. 
Kitchen staff in Bebek Balıkçı always work with their uniforms. Our visitors can enter the kitchen with bonnet, galoshes and visitor apron. 
Cleaning instructions prepared for each unit to keep the cleaning and hygiene level always in top standard are conveyed to our staff through trainings and they are put up in suitable corners of our restaurant. 
All vegetables and fruits are served after being cleaned from pesticides by a disinfectant named iksir (elixir). Products are kept in sold storages in stretch wrap.  In this way all products are prevented from contamination impurities.
Cross contaminaton is prevented by using cutting boards and knives in different colors for cooked and raw products.  
Products are labeled in deep-freezers and refrigirators and shelf life is controlled by recording the dates on the control forms. Traceability, a legal obligation at the same time, is ensured. 
The system applied in Bebek Balıkçı is completely under record. General nonconformities are detected and corrected through several internal audits a months required by the system. We always aim to offer you safe, healthy and delicious dishes.  
These unique services are evidence to how much we appreciate our guests.